As I’m trying to keep up with my blog posts, I’ve been thinking about last class and wondering, “How does cataloging and the technical service branch apply to new librarianship? Does it even apply?”

This question doesn’t have an easy answer. Maybe it’s realizing that you don’t have to be identified as just a technical services librarian or a public services librarian. Just as libraries aren’t all about books, shouldn’t a librarian’s job not be pegged by a certain task as well?

I’m in 616 right now, and we just had an assignment where we had to analyze catalog a non-book resource. It got me thinking that maybe cataloging items besides books can give proof through records that there is more to a library than books. There are picture albums, music scores, soundtracks, films (VHS, DVDs, etc.), art works, audio books, video games, artifacts, etc.

Although it may seem like catalogers don’t have direct contact with their communities, if a patron comes in and is surprised to see a video game, they may associate the library with entertainment rather than stodgy books. Maybe in simple ways, the technical services librarian can impact the community.

I think so far in this class, we’ve been learning how little changes can make a difference. Even though I have no desire to be a cataloger and would rather work with loud children and their behavior problems, I do think that those technical service librarians can make a big difference. And if they choose to, can figure out more questions to ask in how to integrate new librarianship into technical service.


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