QR Codes


This week in class, our task is to create a QR code. The code above is one I created for this blog. I think it will be a fun and unique way to tell people about my blog in the future.

For education purposes, I think QR codes have a lot of potential and it’s exciting to think about the different ways they can be used. At first glance, QR codes in schools could be seen as too much of a fad.¬† But I think turning something that is used for consumerist purposes into something educational, can appeal to students who see QR codes in their everyday life and can easily access them on their devices.

QR codes can be a great way for students to share projects. Line them up around the classroom or library and students can scan it to see their classmates’ projects. I also like the idea of using QR codes to access a book review. Many bookstores have “staff picks” that feature favorite books by employees. Instead of a description on a piece of paper, students can create reviews and QR codes for their staff picks. Students can scan the code to get a review or more information about a book from a peer. This way, students can share their opinions, and learn how to make QR codes.

Although not all students may have access to a smartphone or iPad, I think using QR codes in the library could be a great way to keep those kids with those devices engaged with educational activities. Most likely, the kids will use their devices during school hours to play games, text their friends or get off track. By allowing the students who want to use their devices the ability to scan codes around the library to access book reviews, and create their own codes, the school can utilize those devices in a positive way.

Another activity would be to have a QR scavenger hunt. QR codes could be all over the library, on walls, on tables, on the shelves, and the students have to scan the code to get a clue, and go on to the next clue, etc. It would be a great way to get kids familiar with the resources in the library, the online resources, and to gain new skills.




3 thoughts on “QR Codes

  1. You have some good ideas about how to incorporate QR codes into your library practice. I especially like your idea to include QR codes in books that link to student authored book reviews. This seems a great way to leverage QR technology to support peer-to-peer learning.

  2. Thanks for such a useful post, Lisa. I like the idea of using QR codes to help get kids familiar with all the areas and resources within the library.

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